Emolice’ strain gauge load cells are relied on by major manufacturers, industrial leaders, civil engineers, test & measurement facilities, aerospace and defence manufacturers worldwide.

Our Strain Gauge Load Cells

Each load cell is available to buy in a variety of capacities for differing test and measurement and weighing applications and include many different form factors to meet your load application needs, including: S-Type Load Cells, Low Profile Load Cells, Bellow Style, Constant Moment and Pancake Load Cells, Through Hole and Miniature Load Cell styles.
Alternatively, if you need something unique for your application, Emolice also have a dedicated custom sensors team who are capable of designing and manufacturing custom load cells to meet your specialised load measurement requirements.

Load Instrumentation

The Emolice product also includes a variety of instrumentation an connectivity options for load cells including:
Wireless connectivity for load cells
Indicators, PC based software, controllers and alarms
• Active and passive summing boxes and amplifiers
Signal conditioning to convert mV/V into 0-10V, RS232, RS485 and Modbus