The Si-1 Slope Indicator
The Emolice Si-1 slope indicator measures the operating angle of a machine in realtime for both pitch (front to back) and roll (side to side).

  • Comprises an integrated dual axis inclinometer,
  • 2x high intensity LCD screens that are visible in both low light and bright light conditions.
  • Programmable audible and visual alarms for machine tilt angle
  • Optional external relay output
  • Optional remote external sensor
Emolice Si-1
Si-1 Slope Indicator
Safety device designed to reduce
accidents caused by machine
operators exceeding machinery
maximum tilt angles
Optional External Sensor
Can be connected to provide
remote tilt measurement
e.g. booms, backhoes, tow mowers 
Optional Relay Output
can be used to cut the power
to any connected attachment
upon alarm


Owners of off-highway machines have a duty to ensure that their operators are provided with clear indications that they are using the machine within the safe operating limits prescribed by the manufacturer. UK Courts have recently imposed fines and costs of over £150,000 for a single breach of Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act where an overturned machine resulted in death of the operator.