Emolice LTD is a privately held company. As a product distributor, reseller and cable & product assembly service provider, Emolice LTD does not directly procure tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold. We are therefore not required to report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission and are not subject to US requirements (including those in the Dodd-Frank Act) or EU Conflict Minerals Regulation.

However, as a responsible supplier Emolice LTD closely follows all relevant regulatory obligations and takes measures to ensure that our supply chain is free of Conflict Minerals that are directly or indirectly financing or benefitting armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country.

In support of our customers who are manufacturers and public companies, we have below provided a list of all of our key suppliers with links to their Conflict Minerals Policies/Statements, this list is updated regularly.

Supplier NameLink to Conflict Minerals Policies / StatementLast Checked
Arrow ElectronicsArrow Conflict Minerals Sep 2019.pdf30 June 2021
CablecraftCablecraft_Conflict_Minerals.pdf30 June 2021
CPCCPC-CONFLICT_MINERALS_STATEMENT.pdf (cpcworldwide.com)30 June 2021
DigikeyEnvironmental Initiatives | DigiKey30 June 2021
Distrelec9266392989726.pdf (distrelec.de)30 June 2021
Easby ElectronicsMicrosoft Word – QPD81 Conflict Minerals Policy Statement 2019.docx (easby.com)30 June 2021
FarnellFarnell element14 statement on Conflict Minerals | element14 | Europe Conflict Minerals30 June 2021
LappScanned Document (lapptannehill.com)30 June 2021
Rapid Electronicsdrc-statement.pdf (rapidonline.com)30 June 2021
Rs ComponentsRS-compliance-brochure.pdf (electrocomponents.com)30 June 2021
TR ElectronicsTR-E-KE-GB-0023 v03.pdf30 June 2021