Linear Position Sensing, Measurement, Indication and Control

  • Contactless sensor technologies for position detection and monitoring for mobile machines and commercial vehicles.
  • LIMAX shaft information systems for high precision elevator car positioning.
  • Contactless sensor technologies for medical and laboratory applications.
  • SIL-3 Rated Measurement Systems Available
  • Multi Axis Indicators and Position Controllers
Length and angle measuring systems
Lift Shaft Information Systems
Position Indicators – Single
and Multiple Axis
Position Controllers – Single
and Multiple Axis


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Motion control applications – ranging from factory automation to control systems for mobile machines – require precise, real-time information about the physical location of mechanical equipment.

Elgo linear position sensing, measurement, indication and control systems are ideal for applications ranging from Lift Postion Management & Control, Healthcare Equipment, Machine Building, Mobile Machines, Renewable Energy and Factory Automation.