Temposonics M16 PROFIBUS Terminator

370620 | Temposonics M16 PROFIBUS Terminator

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370620 | The Temposonics M16 PROFIBUS Terminator (6 pin), straight is suitable for the Temposonics R-Series range. For use with the R-Series Profibus D63.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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370620 | Temposonics M16 male connector (6 pin), PROFIBUS Terminator is suitable for the Temposonics R-Series range.


Material: Zinc nickel plated
Contact insert: Silver plated
Operating temperature:
-40…+75 °C (-40…+167 °F)
Ingress protection: IP67 (correctly fitted)

Profibus D63

Temposonics® (formerly MTS Temposonics) is recognized as an industry leader in sensing technologies and solutions. The Temposonics® Industrial Sensors permit high-precision and dynamic position and/or speed measurement in state-of-the-art automation and safety-relevant applications.

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