ELGO IZ14E Position Indicator

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£173.50 ex VAT

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The ELGO IZ14E Position Indicator consists of a large 7 digit LCD display and an incremental magnetic sensor (resolution 0.1 mm) for position measurement.

  • Measurement and display system for linear or angular applications
  • Suitable for magnetic tapes or rings with 2.5 mm pole pitch
  • 7 digit LCD display with sign, measurement units, special characters and ° symbol for angular measurements
  • Numerous setting options, e. g. multiplication factor, counting direction and decimal place Display mode for measurement units mm / m / Inch / °
  • Fraction display in Inch mode possible
  • Adjustable reference value and 3 tool offsets
  • Relative / absolute measurement switchover
  • Fast and easy installation by snap-in housing
  • No wiring required
  • Predestined for mounting on movable machine parts, e. g. slide carriages, stop systems or guide units

You can download the ELGO IZ14E specification sheet here

Emolice is the UK and Ireland exclusive distributor of ELGO Electronic Electric Non-Contact Linear Measurement Systems and Controls, (previously known as ELGO Electric). ELGO Electronic is a German manufacturer that develops and manufactures linear position sensors for manufacturing and lift safety systems.

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