ELGO IZ17E Position Indicator

£173.50 ex VAT


£173.50 ex VAT

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The ELGO IZ17E Position Indicator consists of a large 7 digit LCD display and an incremental magnetic sensor (resolution 0.1 mm) for position measurement.

  • Large two-line LCD-display (digit height 12.6 resp. 8.5 mm) with incremental sensor
  • With signs, special characters and universal symbols
  • Battery-status display
  • °-symbol
  • Fraction display in Inch mode possible
  • Easy mounting (clips or assembly frame)
  • Version with absolute sensor AZS available (see AZ17E)
  • Version with incremental and absolute sensor possible (e.g. absolute length measurement with incremental angle  adjustment)
  • RS232 interface optional

Download the ELGO IZ17E Data Sheet here

Emolice is the UK and Ireland exclusive distributor of ELGO Electronic Electric Non-Contact Linear Measurement Systems and Controls, (previously known as ELGO Electric). ELGO Electronic is a German manufacturer that develops and manufactures linear position sensors for manufacturing and lift safety systems.

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IZ17E-000-2-00,5-0, IZ17E-000-2-01,0-0, IZ17E-000-2-01,5-0, IZ17E-000-2-02,0-0, IZ17E-000-2-02,5-0, IZ17E-000-2-03,0-0

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