MTS Temposonics® R-Series Position Sensors: RP / RH

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The Temposonics® R-Series features the highest performance, accuracy and reliability in magnetostrictive linear position sensors designed for advanced motion control applications.



The Temposonics® RP (Profile) offers modular construction, flexible mounting configurations and easy installation. Position measurement is contactless via two different versions of permanent magnets:

• A sliding magnet running in profile housing rails. Connection with the mobile machine part is via a ball jointed arm to taking up axial forces.
• A floating magnet, mounted directly on the moving machine part, travels over the profile at a low distance. Its air-gap allows the correction of small misalignments at installation.

The Temposonics® RH (Hydraulic) with a pressure resistant stainless steel flange and sensing rod is suitable for use in hydraulic cylinders and externally in all applications where space is a problem. Position measurement is via ring or U-magnets travelling along the sensing rod without any mechanical contact.

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