P9521-000-024-0-EN | ELGO Electric Machine Controller

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P9521-000-024-0=EN Elgo Electric Single Axis Position Controller. Note, the P9521 is now obsolete and should only be ordered to replace existing units. For the latest generation of Elgo controller see P40

Out of stock | Lead time 3-4 weeks

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Features of the P9521-000-024-0-EN | ELGO Machine Controller:

    • 2 or 3 speed positioning
    • Absolute and incremental positioning modes
    • Program line operation (10 lines)
    • Operation in Single positioning mode
    • Manual inching mode (fast and slow speed)
    • Quantity counting with completed output
    • Flexible multiplier for Display calibration
    • Datum precept routines
    • Tool offset compensation in incremental mode
    • Incremental error compensation
    • Backlash compensation
    • Tolerance window blanking
    • Encoder and drive failure detection
    • Maximum Encoder frequency 20 kHz

The unit is suitable for operation with any type of 2 or 3 speed bi-directional drive or any variable speed drive with 1,2 or 4 quadrant of control. The performance and accuracy obtained is dependent on the type of drive chosen. The outputs for stepped speed drives are relays. These outputs can be configured in a number of ways to suit all types of control circuits.

Actual position is monitored by incremental Encoder. The power supply unit is integrated. The controller can be used to position machinery to any desired absolute position. Alternatively, the controller can be used to
feed material through a process.

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