Si-2 Tilt Monitor

£425.00 ex VAT

£425.00 ex VAT



The Emolice Si-2 Tilt Monitor is an audio visual warning device designed to be used on off-highway machines such as forward tipping dumpers, excavators, commercial mowers and other machines where there is a risk of the machine overturning on banks, gradients or spoil heaps.

Specified and approved for use on HS2 sites.

Features include:

  • Continuously measures the roll (side to side) and (optionally) the pitch (front to back) movement of a machine.
  • Alerts the operator audibly and visually when the maximum safe working angle is approached and exceeded.
  • Relay outputs allow for optional accessories, such as external lights or sounders, to be connected.
  • Tamper proof design prevents unwanted changes to configuration settings.
  • Rolled indicator alerts fleet mangers and owners to unreported roll events

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