Temposonics GB-Series Position Sensors

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The Temposonics GB-Series is designed to be incorporated into hydraulic cylinders, such as those typically used in power generation plants.



Temposonics GB-Series sensors can be programmed using a hand-programmer unit, through the USB port or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Thanks to the Bluetooth proprieties it is possible to set and monitor parameters remotely making the operators life significantly easier!

The GB-M and GB-T models offer further advantages:

  • The sensor electronics housing with its electrical connection can be rotated 360 degrees to easily achieve the necessary connection orientation.
  • If needed, the sensor element and electronics can be replaced while the flange is still installed in the cylinder and so without interrupting the hydraulic circuit resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

Emolice is an approved supplier of Temposonics GmbH & Co. KG® Industrial Sensors. Temposonics® (formerly MTS Temposonics) is recognized as an industry leader in sensing technologies and solutions.

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