Bracknell, 1st August 2016 – Emolice Launches Absolute and Incremental Rotary Encoder Products
Emolice is a leading distributor of Sensors, Instrumentation & Control, operating across a diverse range of industries in the United Kingdom and Ireland. As part of our exclusive agreement with POSITAL for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Emolice are pleased to launch a new range of Absolute and Incremental Rotary Encoder products to the market.
Motion control applications – ranging from factory automation to control systems for mobile machines – require precise, real-time information about the physical location of mechanical equipment. Absolute rotary encoders can provide precise and unambiguous measurements without losing track of their position due to a temporary loss of instrument power. The IXARC range of absolute rotary encoders offers:

• Maintains Position Information When Power is Lost
• Wiegand Technology means No Battery Backup Necessary – Never Change Batteries
• Compact Size – Down to 36 mm Ø
• Stainless Steel, ATEX and SIL Encoders Available
• High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Alternatively, many applications require a simple, cost effective solution for accurate positioning. Incremental encoders provide high resolution measurement using an incremental interface. They are available with common configurations such as A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422). The IXARC range of incremental rotary encoders offers:

• Any PPR up to 16384 Available
• Flexible Scaling Functionality
• Compact Size Down to 36 mm Ø
• Optional Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Housings Available
• High Shock and Vibration Resistance

For more information about Emolice and its range of sensors, instrumentation and control, please visit www.emolice.com