In the world of industrial automation, providing excellent performance in a highly compressed package can benefit a company greatly. With this in mind, Emolice partner, POSITAL has unveiled a fully functional prototype of their new miniature multi-turn kit encoder. With a diameter of only 22 mm and a height of 23 mm, the new device is the world’s smallest multi-turn kit encoder. It features a self-powered rotation counter that removes the the need for backup batteries. POSITAL’s extremely trim 22 mm magnetic Kit Encoders are designed for builders of servomotors, feedback-controlled stepper motors, microdrives, miniature robots and other machines where high-precision position feedback is necessary, where space is at a shortage.

Reliable, Accurate and Simple to Install

  • No Battery, No Gear – No Maintenance
  • Electrical Resolution Up To 17 bits, Multiturn Range Up To 32 bits
  • Robust Performance, High Accuracy and Easy Installation
  • Available in BiSS C and SSI interfaces
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor for Diagnostics

The new 22 mm kits are reliable, accurate and simple to install. Unlike resolvers, they cover a multi-turn measurement range and provide a digital output. They offer 17-bit electronic resolution and a multi-turn measurement range of up to 32 bits. Vendor-neutral SSI and BiSS C interfaces are supported. Additionally, the installation for the 22 mm kits is very simple and can be done under regular factory conditions. As well as this, the integrated self-calibration simplifies commissioning. Finally, the introduction of a range of new components all help to reduce the cost of ownership for the end user.

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