Elgo Launch New Z51 and Z52 Position Indicators

Elgo have announced the launch of two new position indicators named the Z51 (1 axis) and Z52 (2 axes). The Z51 and Z52 are two simple and low-cost devices which are used to visualise the output channels A and B of incremental HTL rotary encoders or magnetic ELGO measuring systems. The sturdy aluminium housing is designed for mounting on a surface and makes the Z51 and Z52 ideal for machine upgrade and retrofit applications in tough working environments.

  • Simple digital position display for incremental HTL encoders or ELGO sensors (e. g. LMIX, EMIX, GMIX, KMIX, SMIX, RMIX, PMIX)
  • Single axis (Z51) or dual axis (Z52) variant available
  • Aluminium built-on housing for mounting on a surface
  • 10 mm high LED display (7 digits / 6 digits + sign)
  • In the parameter level, the measurement unit (mm / inch) and the decimal place can be switched;
    further a reference value and the edge evaluation (1, 2 or 4 edges) can be set
  • Absolute/incremental measurement switchover
  • External 24 V (PNP) reference inputs
  • Power supply voltage 24 VDC

Download the Z51/52 brochure