Bracknell, 10th March 2017 – Emolice Launches NEW POSITAL UCD Magnetic Rotary Encoder Line With Analog Interface

Emolice is a leading distributor of Sensors, Instrumentation & Control, operating across a diverse range of industries in the United Kingdom and Ireland. As part of our exclusive agreement with POSITAL for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Emolice are pleased to launch the new POSITAL UCD Analog Rotary Encoder to the UK market.

The new UCD line provides enhanced features which outperform the outgoing MCD line. With the UCD Analog encoders, resolution of 13 bits is doubled up to 216 turns using a broader input voltage range from 8 V to 32 V.

The UCD Analog also provides  a better accuracy of ±0.09°, smaller settling time of 32 ms, and faster internal cycle times. The following interfaces are available:

  • UCD-AV001-0413-xxx-xxx (Analog Voltage 0 V – 5 V)
  • UCD-AV002-0413-xxx-xxx (Analog Voltage 0 V – 10 V)
  • UCD-AV003-0413-xxx-xxx (Analog Voltage 0.5 V – 4.5 V)
  • UCD-AV004-0413-xxx-xxx (Analog Voltage 0.5 V – 9.5 V)
  • UCD-AC005-0413-xxx-xxx (Analog Current 4 mA – 20 mA)
  • UCD-AC006-0413-xxx-xxx (Analog Current 0 mA – 20 mA)

Emily Quinn, Marketing Manager at Emolice, adds, “The POSITAL range of POSITAL UCD encoders are already extremely popular with our customers. The addition of analog interfaces to the UCD line further broadens the scope of applications that the POSITAL UCD encoders can be used for”

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