The UBIFAST configuration tool is used to configure the various factors available in our IXARC programmable encoders. The UBIFAST tool features a built-in WiFi hotspot and webserver. Once the tool has been powered up, any smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer with WIFI capabilities can connect to a WiFi hotspot. Moreover, the configuration interface will automatically open in a standard web browser window – no app, no software installation, and no Internet connection will be required. Also, POSITAL presents an Internet-enabled configuration management system for IXARC programmable encoders. Whenever a device is reconfigured, the operator has the option of registering the changes with POSITAL through an automatic email interface.

Furthermore, the new features of the UBIFAST configuration tool can be seen below:

  • Compact housing with WLAN to create HOTSPOT
  • Connects to Smart Phone/ Tablets/ Notebooks
  • Web Browser Based Simple Programming
  • Configuration Data sent back to POSITAL via E-mail
  • Support for Programmable Analog and Programmable SSI Encoders
  • Reset Encoders to Factory Settings
  • Copy Same Configurations to Multiple Devices
  • Linear to Rotary Converter for Simple Parameter Settings
  • Interfaces: Incremental, SSI + Incremental, Analog

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