Wherever measured values are to be displayed and read directly at the machine, position indicators from ELGO Electronic are the first choice. Whether battery-operated or with 24 Volt supply, in combination with linear and rotation measuring systems, many customer-specific applications in the field of manual and semi-automatic format adjustment can be easily supported.

Battery-powered measuring and display systems

The self-contained, battery-powered measuring and display systems consist of a sensor connected to the display unit via a cable suitable for drag chains. The displays are characterised by their compact design and low installation effort. Also, they can be mounted quickly and completely wire-free as snap-in installation housings or as surface-mounted housings with mounting brackets. The batteries are housed in an integrated or, if required, an external battery compartment (connection via pluggable screw terminals). To conserve the battery, all position indicators have a standby mode. The battery-operated displays are particularly suitable for mounting on movable slides, guides and stop systems.

Position indicators with 24 V supply

The ELGO position indicators allow the visualisation of the recorded measuring values of up to three axes. The displays can be integrated in absolute as well as incremental measuring systems. Extensive standard menus allow individual adjustments to the requirements. We also offer systems that communicate with a higher-level system via interface (Z60-014).

Moreover, all of the Elgo Position Indicators distributed by Emolice can be viewed and purchased on our online store here.