Snap On I/O for Unitronics Vision


Available on back-order | Lead time 1 weeks


The V200-18-E62B Snap on I/O includes: 30 isolated digital inputs (including 2 high-speed), 2 analog inputs and 28 transistor outputs ( including 2 high-speed)

Available on back-order | Lead time 1 weeks

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The V200-18-E62B Snap on I/O plugs directly into the rear of compatible Unitronics Vision PLCs to create a self contained PLC unit with a local I/O configuration.

Features include:

  • 30x isolated digital inputs, includes 2 H.S.C inputs, type pnp/npn (source/sink)
  • 2x 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 10-bit inputs
  • 28x isolated pnp transistor outputs, 2 isolated pnp/npn (source/sink) transistor outputs, includes 2 high speed outputs

For further information:

Download the Technical Specification and Installation Guide

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