Emolice has introduced the new AKS dynamic inclinometer. This TILTIX-inclination sensor measures the angle of an object dynamically whilst it is in motion. The new inclinometer combines an electro-mechanical accelerometer with gyroscopes and guarantees accurate measurements even when the sensors themselves are subject to strong acceleration, shock and vibration.

• Compensation for external acceleration forces
• Clear measurements during dynamic movements
• High degree of protection up to IP69K
• Compact and solid housing made of cast aluminium with integrated T-Piece
• Operating temperature from-40 to + 85 ° c

Innovative algorithms for accurate results TILTIX inclination sensors are built based on MEMS accelerometers. These MEMS sensors monitor the effect of gravity on a small mass that hung is to an elastic substructure. Unfortunately, acceleration or movement of the object to which the sensor is attached (for example if the inclinometer is attached to a vehicle) can have a disruptive effect on the accuracy of the inclinometer.

By adding a set of electromechanical gyroscopes to the inclinometer, the unwanted effect of the acceleration can be negated.   Thanks to this approach, the new dynamic TILTIX inclinometer is ideal for use in applications that are subject to sudden movements, shocks or vibrations, for example test & measurement applications, construction machines, machines used for mining, cranes and agricultural vehicles.

Features The new AKS dynamic TILTIX inclinometer has a measuring range of ± 180 ° over two axis and covers the full range of motion. Currently the CANopen communications interface is supported. Analog, SAE J-1939 and Modbus outputs will follow soon.  

  • Resolution 0.01 °
  • Accuracy 0.3 ° (static)
  • Accuracy 0.5 ° (with dynamic movements)
  • Cycle time 5 ms
  • Maximum measuring range ± 180 °
  • Measuring about 1 or 2 axes
  • Horizontal and vertical option
  • Supply current 10 to 30 V
  • Operating temperature-40 to 85 ° c
  • Shock resistance up to 100 g
  • CANopen interfaces (Profile DS-410) (analog, SAE J-1939 and Modbus to follow)

For further information on the AKS Inclinometer please contact Emolice on +44 1344 266530 or by email sales@emolice.com or you can contact us via our website